Former U-Haul Employee Story‏

As a former U-Haul employee, I would like to share my experiences with unsuspecting customers.
I was employed at the Morse Road U-Haul Center in Columbus, Ohio for 2 years as a temporary college job.  First of all, let’s talk about safety.  My first 6 months on the job, I was a “Service Tech” which meant I did safety inspections and minor repairs to Truck Engines and bodies as well as trailer repair. 

I was CONSTANTLY finding major issues with the trucks.  Management refused to “down” the trucks (meaning to put out of commission until fixed) and told me to do what I had to to get the truck back out into circulation. 

For example, fuel system problems in 3 locally assigned trucks, in particular, caused them to break down at least once a week during customer use.  One of our old International 26ft trucks had a broken hinge on the hood, so it was ordered to be wired shut preventing us from checking oil levels.  Mid-winter, the bailing wire broke while a customer was driving the truck sending the MASSIVE semi-truck-style hood flying across the road to strike a parked car.
Once I transitioned into “counter” duties, the problems with the trucks became even more evident as I had to deal with the customer complaints.  I personally did everything I could to try to prevent problems as well as rectify any that occurred, however upper management made this impossible. 

One particular situation that stands out in my mind…one of the infamous “problem trucks” was rented to a customer.  Big surprise, they called when the truck broke down on the side of I-71.  They called the breakdown hotline several times over the course of 6 hours just to be told that a computer problem was preventing them from being able to verify that the truck had even been rented to her although I had called personally to verify it myself, meanwhile, the poor woman was stranded on a busy freeway.  I volunteered to take another truck and transload the truck for the customer, however our GM, who we will call Mr. Knappy, felt that my time would be better spent mopping the floor.
As for trailers, if I tried to deny a trailer rental to a customer due to safety reasons, I would be reprimanded.  For instance, one customer wanted to pull a tandem axle trailer with a chevy s-10, which was stupid to begin with because once loaded, the trailer would weigh more than the truck, but furthermore, he was using a bumper-mounted tow-ball on a severely rusted bumper with one of the 2 bumper mounts GONE.  When brought to Mr Knappy’s attention, he said, it’s not our problem, rent the trailer to him.  As you can imagine, the trailer AND bumper ended up in a ditch 2 miles down the road.  It’s amazing that no-one was hurt or killed.  And then the CUSTOMER was charged for damage to the trailer.
As for the charging of credit cards… wow… Mr Knappy was acclaimed as the best manager in Columbus due to the exemplary numbers his store generated.  His method for generating said numbers were charging customers credit cards for damage that already existed, putting miscellaneous charges of over $100 on customers cards to “get their attention” if a truck was not returned on time, and putting defective merchandise and damaged boxes back on the display racks.  Charging fuel fees knowing damn well that some of the trucks had malfunctioning fuel gauges was a common practice as well. 
*Renters BEWARE*


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  1. Janice says:

    I gotta tell you… I have never been treated so poorly in my life! When upper management wants to clean house, they’ll find any reason they can to fire you. They will target one or two managers and make their lives miserable in hopes that they will quit so that they don’t have to pay for unemployment benefits. I was completely railroaded the other day. My manager lied through his teeth, the FRM just sat there, mouth shut, and couldn’t even make eye contact with me, while the MCP accused me of being a hostile employee! My manager and the FRM both know the truth. The MCP knows the truth, too. He just won’t admit it. If you currently work for UHaul, I suggest that you never call HR. It will always backfire. Especially if you have a devious little weasel for a MCP and backstabbing liar for a boss.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    I worked for this company for 6 weeks and busted my ass, went above and beyond, got GREAT reviews from customers and co-workers, and was never once late or absent. I was trained at at sub-par level, at warp speed, and I STILL managed to get by without screwing up…that I knew of. Basically, they hired me on, didn’t train me properly, and then fired me without notice because I had made mistakes I didn’t know I was making. I didn’t even know I didn’t have a job until 2 weeks after it happened and I only found out because I went in and cornered the manager to find out why I hadn’t been scheduled. This caused 2 utilities to be cut off and my children to go hungry because I didn’t have time to find other employment before my bills were due. I also turned down 2 other jobs during that 2-week period that could have saved me financially.

    Also, they promoted themselves during the interview by telling me about how they’re the 11th best company in the country to work for part-time because of their great medical benefits. In reality, the medical benefits are crap, and the only reason they rank at that level is because they compensate by pay you peanuts for the ridiculous amounts responsibility they place upon you with little to no help from the managers. The job responsibilities DO NOT match the insulting pay. Not even close. I’ve been paid twice that for half the work.

    Also, the managers that run the store make the schedules and they usually schedule themselves off for the high-traffic times. My managers decided to take the busiest week of the entire year off for vacation, which was 2 weeks after I was hired, and had only had 30 hours of employment under my belt. I was left alone to run the store that week with one other employee who was hired after me and was a complete idiot who screwed up so much that I don’t even know how he still works there. The only reason that store wasn’t run into the ground during that week is because of my extensive experience in retail, and as a manager/supervisor. I was the viewed as a “rock star” by the other employees during that time because I took on the role of manager and played damage control for the other employees who had been there longer DURING MY OFF TIME. I was sure I was on a trajectory to be promoted within 6 months. Boy was I wrong. It’s clear that I was only hired to hold down the fort while the managers were on vacation because I was fired when they came back. I think everything that happened to me was completely planned by the managers and I think they seriously felt threatened by my performance, work ethic, and ability to learn the job at warp speed.

  3. Josh says:

    I would not recommend that anyone apply to work at uhaul. They don’t care about their employees or customers. I worked at uhaul in southeast michigan and i can say that most of there equipment is garbage, the pay sucks, and upper management tries to push employees into doing all kinds of shit that not only isn’t safe, but just isn’t right. You don’t get paid to install hitches and are required to fix lots of shit. I said fuck uhaul and went to work for penske. They are a top notch company. I hope uhaul goes out of business and bankrupt for good.

  4. Mark says:

    I had a friend working on (for) uhaul for a while, it (he) said me it was horrible!

  5. Fish says:

    I worked for 3 years with U Haul in Grand Rapids MI, everything you said is 100% true. I was forced several times to hook up trailers to vehicles that were not properly set up to tow. My manager was the worst manager I have ever had. I called in sick 5 times in 3 years and was fired for no reason at all. In my time with U-hell I met one manager that cared about the customer and wanted to make things easy and safe for them. The rest of the GM’s were/are just out for peoples money and will lie and cheat people to get it. U-Haul is hands down one of the worst companies to ever work for or even deal with.

  6. Robert says:

    It all breaks down to upper managment and how they deal with customer service. My manager is one of the best and truely believes in taking care of customers. And we do.

  7. Dan says:

    I agree 100% with your story.I to was a employee at uhaul.I worked at the Akron/Cleveland repair shop. I started out on trailers,then trucks, And somehow wash guy towards the end? But i too saw in my 3 years of working there the horrible ways equipment got fixed.Duct Tape, Zip ties, and glue. Uhaul is a multi billion dollar company but yet the spend only a 100 bucks in repairs it seems.As a employee i was mistreated for my age. Pay was cut, Doctors visits were spread around the shop by my manager.Denied sick days, And My position on the truck line was replaced by a 18 punk kid who didnt know a thing about cars? I was demoted to wash. Uhaul is a backwoods backyard scam artist, sleazy,money stealing, Company that simply dosent care. DO NOT RENT UHAUL

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