Filing a U-Haul Complaint

My HORRIBLE U-HAUL STORY is essentially the exact content of a demand letter dated 10/3/03, which I sent to:


I demanded that U-HAUL reimburse me for my out-of-pocket expenses (with attached receipts) and an additional $5000 to compensate me for my pain and suffering. Additionally, I sent a letter to my credit card company protesting the charge for the U-HAUL RENTAL which was eventually refunded.

Within a week, I received a letter from a claim representative of REPUBLIC WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY, insurer for U-HAUL. After about two months of phone tag with the representative, I delivered my story over the phone and waited for an offer to roll in. The U-HAUL insurer paid my out-of-pocket expenses very quickly, and even offered to pay for any doctor visits I may need to make in connection with the U-HAUL TRUCK BREAKDOWN.

Around January of 2004, I received a written offer of $1000 to settle my claim against U-HAUL. I sat on the offer for about a month, and in February of 2004, I accepted the offer.

As of late March, 2004 I have received a response to my acceptance of the settlement offer made to me by U-HAUL’S insurer. I have signed a standard release in order to secure my settlement. Unfortunately, I am not able to disclose the terms of the settlement.

On or about 3/29/04, I received my settlement check from U-HAUL in reference to my claim against them for their horrible treatment of me when their truck broke down and almost caused my death. See below.

U-Haul claim settlement check.  Woohoo!!  U-Haul Sucks.

U-Haul claim settlement check.

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  1. Debi Shilling says:

    Since when do you have to live in the town you rent your truck from U-Haul at

  2. Michael Ponzo says:



  3. Kimsue Roger says:

    To whom it may concern,

    On 12.29.2020 I had called to confirm closing time & procedure for moving items out of the unit, the lady told me they close at 7 pm not 10 pm. I had the trucker to confirm closing time as the website shows access to the unit to 10 pm. The trucker advise that the lady was telling them I am nasty rude person so I asked the trucker if he’s sure the customer service lady was talking about me he stated yes he’s positive. I told him I only asked about closing time and closing account procedures. I am extremely confused and extremely disappointed in the professionalize so I called back and I spoke with the manager and he advise me she told him I was rude to a customer, I never spoke with no one in that facility ever but the manager told me that he believes her and there are customers that are rude which I am not disputing that but I never was rude to that lady and the fact is my moving company called you to confirm closing time and you are going on a rant about a exiting customer.
    I am not sure who is more unprofessional whether it’s the manager or the customer service at location 370 Orange ST Newark NJ.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you as this is extremely disturbing behavior

    Kimsue Roger

  4. Kristan Moore says:

    This is the email I sent Uhaul:
    My friend is out of town and you guys not only won’t let my father and I, two people with additional granted access, have access to our stuff when WE actually are the ones paying Rachel’s full rent. Not only that, but your store manager called my dads phone (Ronald Lerch), asking for Rachel, and just because she wasn’t available (because she’s out of town) to answer the phone and she is out of town SICK, getting a major surgery that is either life or death, and we were only on as emergency contacts, they wanted to get rude with him and threaten and intimidate him, telling him he is going to get arrested for ID fraud. Then, later on, that same morning, the same manager calls my father back again with the same inquiry. On top of that, you guys don’t have an office at our location, which is a major health concern and should be a major liability concern for you guys. My father got access into the facility (our gate code surprisingly works), but when it was time for him to leave, he couldn’t remember the gate code and his phone was dead, and there was not anyone that would stop and help and the office for this location is located at a different address (which should also be part of excellent customer service, which you guys do not have), so he had to throw his really hot bicycle over the really hot metal wall in 117 degree heat. He then had to “jump the wall/fence” and get his bicycle over the wall and received burns on several parts of his body. On the way home he crashed his bike 3 times, because of his injuries. This is all because you guys are telling the 2 people that are APPROVED /GRANTED ADDITIONAL ACCESS that we cant access our stuff, Rachel Hollback, has to get back on a plane (sick)(possibly contagious with the covid19), fly all the way back there to Arizona from Ohio, just to do what your manager says and show them her “real” ID that you guys already have. Now you guys are expecting us to pay almost $150 or more when not a single one of us can access our stuff (which the whole point in self storage is to have access to our belongings with no problems of business negligence). You guys are just taking our money at this point. I have already contacted a premises liability claims attorney for my father’s injuries and for the hell you guys are putting all three of us through. I do not want to take such legal action, but it seems as if I don’t have a choice. When my father and I called corporate, they were just as rude to my father when he was calling about his injuries. All they kept saying to him was that Rachel has to show up in person and show her ID for us to access our stuff. They showed zero concern for my dad’s injuries. All three of us want nothing to happen out of this other than moving out, because we are that disappointed in your company and we have lost all trust with you guys especially when it comes to our safety. With there not being an office on site, what are we supposed to do if I have one of my seizures and I’m by myself or my dad has a diabetic emergency? Nobody is there to do walks and so they would never find us. We would die on your guys’ premises. Please do not give us the only option, which would being legal action against you guys for my dads injuries nd for losing our belongings as well as all the money you guys have taken off us. That’s what were paying for; to have access to our stuff. Not only are we having this trouble, but the manager Kevin and his employees are very nrude to customers and if you guys check or read the reviews on this place, they’re not too good. As a business customers would expect to get a response to their review and we also expect you guys to do whatever it takes to get excellent reviews and to make customers happy, wanting to come back in the future. I’m not the only person that has complained about this Kevin manager guy. There are several complaints. If you guys could just let us move our stuff out with no problems and without dragging Rachel clear from Ohio to here just because your manager is neglecting his job title, then we will not take any legal action. If you guys still want to harass us and deny access to our stuff, we will take legal action. Thank you for your time. I hope I don’t have to waste any more of my time fighting for what’s right.

  5. To whom it may cocern involving shell service station in Wickliffe oh 44094 I reserved a 15 foot moving truck august 2,2020 the u jail truck was reserved until the 28 the month I spoke to uhaul also there 3rd party affiliates shell has service gas station I was informed that someone in my family went the 3rd party shell gas station in Wickliffe oh I contacted shell by phone about my not contacting the credit card holder who had reserved the Uhaul moving customer num 1-800-Uhaul I have to say this if a consumers reserved something for someone else the service stations should not be able to unreserve nothing unless that Uhaul or the 3rd party holder contacts the consumer who reserved the truck I fill as thow if this was a case ov someone randomly walking in a Uhaul affiliate that has to show no identification to whoms name was not on the reserve contract I fill this will be a problem for Uhaul in the long run now I have to pay my credit company$150 dollars because ov Uhaul 3rd party afflict shell service station in Wickliffe OH for being so unprofessional about canceling something without contacting the consumer who’ve reserved this company’s business this is very sad to know that a 3rd party affair ov Uhaul will allow this typ ov unprofessionalisum about how to go about conducting Uhaul a company that’s been around for decades it’s little company’s like this that has been around for very very long time I fill this issue needs to be addressed aiso having another issue involving renting moving vans also I was told by a lady that rents Uhaul trucks she explained that u only can use a credit cars to use a rental van Uhaul customer service num explained as long as I had a debit card cars also can use a credit card I fill this is total outrage that with even trying to get a moving van or truck the same should apply I have a dislocated hip it’s times were I can only get into a smaller van because ov my pinched nerve sciatotic nerve with dislocation I have a valid driver listen s I fill that this Uhaul 3rd party afflict needs there lozenges pulled dew to this error I also called the shell gas station were I personally spent a lot ov money on there gas I fill that the gentlemen was very unprofessional when asked the ? Why wasn’t the consumer who reserved the moving Uhaul truck at 15 foot allowed to cancel without reaching out to credit card holder or to the customer service department to Verfiy that I agreed to cancel the reserved Uhaul moving truck I fill that this was a act ov being somewhat funny towards me because I was on the phone butt I’m pretty sure if I would’ve approached this face to face it would’ve went company’s action and called the law so by all means someone needs to explain was wasn’t the consumer that reserved this moving truck was not contacted by email or phone or from Uhaul customer service team I also fill Uhaul shouldv did there duty’s and reached out to the person who already reserved the truck no I’m stuck trying to find a moving truck without been charged unnessary fees having to pay for someone else negalgence to dew there duty as a retail associate ov this kind I fill this bad for business Uhaul also shell service gas station in Wickliffe OH this needs att because it might not be the case when somebody else try’s this in a different time and the same location

  6. True says:

    Huntsville Lock Storage located @ 850 Winchester Rd NE, Huntsville, AL 35811. The manager Jami Turner is allowing her husband, who does not have a valid DL to operate Uhaul vehicles. The District manager Josh Pritchett is totally aware of this and still allows them to operate.

  7. Brandi Adcock says:

    I need to know how to file a claim against Uhaul. And I would like to tell my story also!

  8. Eric says:

    I a writing to say Uhaul’s policy for calling one of my contacts is wrong!!!!!!!! Its was embarrassing, time consuming, and it sucked for me and everyone ahead of me while I was waiting for the rep to verify their contact.
    At first I gave the rep my contacts numbers and he tried to call, but no one picked up. I wonder why. After the second no answer I said ”
    I dont think this is right, you guys have never done this before. ” Its new, we wont release the truck unless we talk to someone.”
    After the second no answer, I called my mom first and thank god she picked up, and then even though she was on speaker, I had to hang up so the rep could put the number once again in their system then call mom.
    Moreover the rep entered all of the names and numbers of my contacts we attempted to call in their computer system.
    Uhaul now has 3 more people who never agreed to give you their name and numbers.
    I don’t know why they want to call one of my contact. I don’t think its to verify who I am, because they have my drivers license, address, phone number, and credit card. It cant be for an emergency if there was an accident, and something happened the cops would call, not a 22 year old customer service rep from UHAUL notifying my family that I had been in an accident. WTF!
    I looked up their privacy policies.
    Their corporate website says they share the information they collect with their business partners, that literally could be anyone. The people you supply gloves, or tape, their insurance company, literally anyone.
    I realized some of their stores are dealers or affiliates, not even a corporate store. How can they guarantee the affiliates, dont sell the information under the table. Did they call their contacts to verify them, I bet not…
    My family has been a customer with Uhaul for over 40 years. We have never used anyone else. We have rented countless trucks, trailers, storage units, bought all of our moving supplies for 6 of our moves, and referred many people as well.
    Next time, which will be soon, I will attempt to do my business with the other guys Budget, Penske, Enterprise or Ryder, and when I need a storage facility, I will look somewhere else as well.
    My friends and family would vouch for me of course if called, but they don’t need to, because I am a man of my word. If I say I agree to their terms and conditions then, that is all they should ask for.
    I am vehemently opposed to Uhaul calling my contacts as a condition to rent your equipment.


    Uhaul let someone rent a cargo van under my name who WAS NOT ME and then it was reported stolen. Had they been doing their job to begin with this never would have happened!! B*tches!!

    • Jake says:

      This happened to me too! Someone stole my identity and stole a uhaul under my name! Now somehow the burden of proof is on me?? Bullsh*t.

  10. mary kay bennett says:

    SUCKS is to kind a word. I contracted through UHAUL for moving help. I contact UHAUL gave them my CC set a date packed up my home, arranged settlement for not only my existing home, by there were two other homes involved. UHAUL movers never showed up. They never called or emailed me. When I contacted Uhaul, they told me to hire another mover. Really? Are there mover waiting around for my telephone call at the last minute, they day of the move? If there is someone please let me know. I called UHAUL to speak to the presidents office and guess what? He was not available. The VP was not available, a director of operations was not available, the treasure was not available, HR was not available. No one was available to help. Who is running this sinking ship? The inmates are running the this nut house. So there I was with a 25′ truck, a house full a furniture and settlement 6.0 hours away and the best they could do was tell me to hire a new mover? Im surprised I not in the hospital with a heart attack. They have no idea of the trickle down effect and the number of people involved. If I could sue the you know what off of then I would. I am beyond angry! Help before I lose my mind! Any thoughts to get these people to pay attention?

  11. Michael Johnson says:

    Rented a one-way allowing myself the maximum number of days (14) they would rent to me. Upon returning the truck four days early, they then informed me that I was not getting any sort of refund. I paid $1500 for the fourteen days with the “optional” insurance. It would seem that the insurance not used for the four days should be the least of the considerations I’m owed. Their staff told me I would be getting a $215 refund but then other staff seemed to go out of their way to deny me that. Their “general manager” said it was not refundable, obviously arbitrarily as I was given a refund on another truck I rented in conjunction with this larger model. It’s not that they can’t refund me and be civil about it but have chosen to be predatory in their business practices. I contend that since the insurance was “optional” and they possessed the truck for those four days after I returned it, the least they could do is refund the insurance not used or needed. Will never recommend this company to anyone as they also jerked me around for two hours in the pouring rain because their computers kept crashing trying to book the first vehicle.

  12. tammy johnson says:

    On 7/23/2013 I arrived for my scheduled appointment for wiring & trailer mounting @ Uhaul moving & storage of kalamazoo 1004 portage kalamazoo mi 49001 (269) 345-7141. the reservation was originally scheduled for 9am, but on 6/7/22 Stacey (store manager) called & changed the time from 9am to 3pm. Although my paper work issued from uhaul on 7/9/16 states 9am. when I arrived on 7/23/24 for my wiring & mounting @ 3pm the following staff members were present; Lisa – cashier christopher – Anthony – cashier clerk @ 3:45 Christopher finally attempted to install the wiring he was unacknowledged & did not know how to do the work, after 2 1/2 hours & dismantling the back of my Audi Q7 suv Christopher called Stacey (general manager) @ 5:20 pm who came in to assist once she arrived in flip flopps & a sun dress to help she also was inexperienced and did not know how to complete the work. @ 7:20 pm she finally stated the suv had existing wiring & they would be completing the work asap. After having 2 inexperienced workers work on my suv it was discovered by Uhaul in Las Vegas NV 900 e. karen that the trailer safety chains were not connected to the suv (pictures were taken). I drove 2,205 miles across country with an extreme safety hazard. The wiring was not connected therefore the lights did not work on the trailer. I believe this was a deliberate act on Stacey, Lisa, & Christopher end. the original customer service was Extremely poor. they lacked knowledge and compassion for a mistake on their end. I made a reservation in person, arrived on time, and i was treated like crap. This could have been a fatal situation due to lack of experienced technicians wiring & mounting a vehicle with knowledge that is was a cross country trip. I am requesting a full refund of $183.38 to be refunded for the auto transport. I have pictures and all original paper work issued from uhaul to support this claim.

  13. Nena Zamora says:

    I have a terrible situation that is happening to me. I rented a Uhaul
    And it was towed away and now I’m facing grand theft
    Charges against me.

    • Darcy says:

      Omg!! What happened with that? Currently my fiance is incarcerated for the same thing. Even though I have Financial evidence of paying for the U-Haul during the time we had it, the only reason they came and towed it was because they maxed out the card and didn’t notify us the card was maxed out. they had charged the card 9 times in 13 days for a total of the cards limit $1,100 the card is at $1,255 though. We were between houses and the house we are moving in to fill through and we’re trying to find storage for everything and they came on to Motel 6 is property that we were staying at temporarily without the motels permission and took our 26-foot truck with everything we owned in it, Motel 6 is looking at pressing charges against you huh for coming onto the property without permission. I can’t get anybody on the phone I’ve spent 5 hours on hold in the last few days, all their numbers have been disconnected apparently since yesterday. When I went to the location where the truck was towed to and returned the manager refused to tell me anything about it because it’s under my fiance’s name he told me to come back with him and then he would discuss it. I told him I couldn’t cuz he’s currently in jail because they “forgot” to tell law enforcement they got it back. Then he started talking all shity to me, and when my daughter stepped in and told him he was out of line he threatened to call the police on us. Had no idea such a large corporation with such a joke

  14. Akatamaneni says:

    I did not purchase the protection insurance while renting the truck, I dropped of with in the schedule. i received a call from the guy who rented me the truck saying there is a damage on the vehicle. I had 3 guys who helped me during my shot 3 km move. I even filled up gas in the same location I rented it from, when i asked him to check the cameras when I’m fueling he said he don’t have any cameras.
    I just called Uhaul and made a note in my account.
    I’m not charged yet but soon might be.
    Will I receive a call about the damages?
    I have seen some posts saying its a “punishment” for not taking their insurance.
    How to proceed and whats the best thing to do at this point?

  15. Yadira BG says:

    I wrecked a car parked in a corner in a NO parking space while driving a 26′ Uhaul truck on 8/16. I paid $14.00/day for their insurance coverage, still I’m required by Uhaul’s ins. Repwest to provide my personal ins. info. They sent me a form to complete with my ins. information basically authorizing Repwest with my signature to contact them. So I signed nothing. I told the rep unless I have more information from them such as the cost of the damages and how much the $14.00 premium was really worth, I wasn’t cooperating with them. If they’re attempting to collect money from me and/or my personal insurance, how would they deny me that information? According to them when I signed the rental contract, I agreed to having my personal insurance as the primary coverage in case of a claim. Then why offering insurance in the first place? I just can’t understand how it helps the consumer if in the end, we will not only be hunted by Repwest but by our insurance too because Repwest will make sure if you don’t sign the form, they will go behind your back and tell your insurance on your behalf. I was never offered Safemove Plus insurance at the time of renting the truck. The lady only asked ‘do you want insurance?’ and I said yes. That’s all they tell you about insurance. Nothing about what options you have or that Safemove Plus covers a lot more and is a better option than useless Safemove etc. So sign the contract thinking that you’ll have no problems if something happens because that’s what their insurance is for, to give you peace of mind. Well that’s not true. So what are my rights here? A $14.00/day insurance premium is about $420.00 mo. but it won’t cover $4,700.00 in damages? Then why in the world is their insurance even offered? To make them richer is the only answer to that. Why is it that at the renting location you are not informed about the insurance options available? The contract sure doesn’t say anything about it so, how would you know? Other consumers with complaints say that it doesn’t matter what your accident happened whether you’re at fault or not, they’ll find a reason to make you and/or your insurance pay for the damages. Why isn’t this all over the news so that innocent people are aware of Uhaul’s nasty practices? My insurance is probably would go up and it wasn’t even my fault. The police officer didn’t even give me a ticket. I have contacted a few insurance attorneys and I’m waiting on a call back. I rather pay a legal firm than these clowns. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT rent from Uhaul please.

  16. Maria says:

    OMG! This is so true. I worked as a reservation manager @763 in Atlanta Georgia and B the beast never trained me and basically just said “go do it”!

    First off, the description for this position is understated, when in actuality it entails running the whole d**m office for $10.00 an hour.

    B was jealous of me and used her position to harass and “call me out” on procedural directives when she never told me all that was involved in the “so called” 36 minutes of actual training time that she spent with me.

    Suddenly I was suppose to know everything. The lack of company directives for this position makes anyone hired an easy target.

    I also filed a complaint against her, which the company “swept” under the rug!

    Be forewarned!

  17. Tom says:

    I read some of the comments that others had left and figured no way could happen to me, but boy was I wrong! Short story of a bad experience. First I reserved a trailer at a local gas station 3 weeks in advance of my needed date. On the day before the pick up, I considered getting a larger trailer and logged into my Uhaul confirmation page. Turns out the local gas station was no longer linked to UHaul. Was never notified and when I called to get a new location, I was promised a call back in 1/2 hour from a rep in their traffic department. They of course never called me. So I found another trailer on my own and reserved it for the next day. 6 hours later I got a call telling me the trailer had been rented to someone else because my order was not entered quick enough into the reservation system. It is now 15 hours before I need to pick it up and I am back to square 1. So I call the local traffic guys back and complain. They send me a $50 voucher for my troubles and locate another trailer. I use the trailer and return it and submit the $50 voucher for the $15 rental. Voucher is not applied and I am disputing the charge on my credit card. 3 strikes and you are out Mr U Haul!

  18. Tony Ruiz says:

    I’ve got a whopper of an abuse case; was even threatened with death and a beating. I’m 73 and rented 3 trucks for my move from CA to AZ. The air conditioning went out on the lead truck, the one I was riding in, as we filled up to make the drive. I suffered indescribably and have respiratory and vision problems ending in a heart attack last week. I couldn’t reach their ‘hotline’ until the dealer finally called for me and they called me.

    I was reaching the Palm Springs area, with my driver and dogs suffering; we even had to turn on the heater full force to avoid overheating. Amazing. They directed me to their Palm Desert area shop, where the owner stopped everything to work on ‘my’ truck, resented it and it showed. He wouldn’t tell me anything about his progress, then after about 4 hours I called Uhaul to tell him to release the truck; I could wait no longer. He threatened my life then said he would ‘beat me up’ when I left his ‘office’. I called the cops for police escort off the premises.

    The grades out of Phoenix were as bad, and I moved the dogs to the 2nd truck back; they were dying, and it took a lot of box moving but we saved them. We were extremely late arriving in Chino Hills, I had to hire a LaboReady crew to offload and send the drivers back in an expensive Avis one-way rental. We had go stay overnight in a hotel but got no rest. The entire schedule was woven to include my wife driving a truck and trailer with our livestock but that went all to hell also, needless to say. It was an absolute fiasco, and physically harmful at many levels.

    The ‘regional manager’ doesn’t respond to my emails or calls and I’m going after them in Riverside CA Superior Court for actual and punitive damages.

    Can you help me post this on your site?

    Tony & Lynda Ruiz
    775 N Son Shine
    POB 5309
    Chino Valley AZ 86323

  19. Victoria Mccall says:

    From: McCall, Victoria E SBYVAMC

    Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 9:00 AM

    Cc: McCall, Victoria E SBYVAMC

    Subject: Complaint at your facility on Ashley Rd in Charlotte N.C.

    I would like to report several complaints on one of your facilities, My friend and I arrived at your facility on Ashley Rd in Charlotte N.C., at that time we rented a storage space, which held a Coach, Loveseat, Recliner, Lamps, and an area rug, we had to sign a contract and we were given a swipe key and we also were given a lock for his storage, at the time the young man was giving us the paperwork I asked him about the security of your facility he told me that it was secured and that the facility was monitored, he never mentioned only the entrance doors are truly monitored, and he then pointed up at the security screen that was in the office attached to the wall, feeling assured that my friend’s things were secure and protected we accepted the contract and the swipe key, we drove around to the back to unload his things we were given storage space I believe #1209, we arrived at the storage door and realize that storage space had been taken, we went back up to the front and spoke to the young man who had just assigned us that particular unit, at that time he looked on the computer and assigned us storage unit #1098, at that time we questioned his competency, how could you assign a unit that was already occupied and not be aware of this, at that time I became hesitant but still we decided to stay with your company, we already had all his belongings off the truck and ready to be loaded, please keep in mind my friend is a “DISABLED VETERAN” so he was paying two people to help move, because he is unable to load and unload and they were charging by the hour, the young man walked back to the storage area while we waited up front, he came back and told us he was assigning another unit and for us not to worry he was going to complete all the paperwork, on the new unit. On 6-8-2012 I received a call from someone at U haul stating that my friend’s storage unit was locked in the open position, at that time I let him know that my friend was out of town and I did not have access, the young man stated they wanted him to come check to see “IF any of his items were stolen.” My friend arrived back in town Sunday morning 6-10-2012 and we went straight to the storage facility, we went to his unit unlocked the door and everything he owned in his life was stolen. I have several issues that have come to mind about your facility……

    1. Why were we told the facility was monitored, it was only told to else at the time his stuff was stolen that ONLY THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO THE STORAGE UNITS ARE TRULY MONITORED……

    2. I asked if we could see the security tape…..we were denied that also, your employee stated he “DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GO THROUGH MONTHS AND MONTHS OF TAPE”……I beg his pardon since my Friend’s things were only in storage for about three weeks.

    3. We weren’t shown any type of respect, in fact the attitude your staff displayed was the “Whatever you lost out” and this was said by one of your employees whose name I believe is Corey, though I’m not sure, but the lack of respect and the traffic that goes through that place is absurd.

    4. We will be going to Action 9 with this complaint.

    5. If the storage was locked in the open position as your employee stated….then please explain what is the proper protocol when someone is unable to arrive at the time…..their thing’s aren’t secured until their able to arrive.

    6. Why weren’t we contacted before three weeks.

    I would hope that you would find another security measure for your company and more professional staff, like I stated earlier in this letter my friend is a DISABLED VETERAN who has been to war and fought for his country, and to be treated the way your company has treated him is appalling, he has nothing now. We know that unit was locked we all checked and double checked it

  20. Chyna says:

    I reserved a U-haul April 11 2011 from London Ontario I was given a confirmation number everything was good! On June 27 U-haul in Hamilton Ontario calls me to tell me they don’t have a U-Haul for me in London Ontario I must go pick one up In Melbourne 38km away June 29 my moving date! I’m ticked off why reserve 2 months in advance with a confirmation #?

  21. Priscilla says:

    Here’s my story, I started working there in Sept. of ’10…
    On March 10th of this year. I went to work, at U-haul, I was a custodian in the storage place, which by the way in the winter time is freezing, when its supposed to be heated & customers pay like 10 dollars extra for that, anyways, So I do the usually routine cleaning as usual. The storage manager calls me down to the Center 2hrs early to start cleaning. ok so I go down no questions asked. Then she calls me into the general managers office. & fires me! I was never given a verbal warning about my performance, written warning, not even pulled to the side to be corrected about anything. never. I asked why I am being fired and she made up some bs excuse about something I even asked a specific date and she couldnt remember. she said ” well im not sure exactly when it was but yea…” wtf is that?! they are so UNPROFESSIONAL!!! the week before I had gotten fired I was only scheduled for two days with 12 hrs total for the week. so when I came in I asked my managers what was going on? are they going to fire me or what?… Their responses were ” NO, we like you, we like the way you work and have never had any problems with you, there must have been a mix up in the schedule or something but we apologize”
    so how did we have that conversation one week, the next they fired me with really no excuse. plus I didnt sign any paper they had me escorted out like I was a criminal. I took that to the president Brandon something idk his last name but we had a meeting & They offered me a position again, making collection calls and answering the phone. ok SO now this whole week of April 3rd to April 9th they have not given me any hours. literally I am still “employed by these idiots with 0rhs same for next week. That’s two weeks with 0hrs. they wont call me back. i leave messages and no one ever calls back… & they wont fire me. so Does Anyone Have any advice for me? I would want to file a complaint but not sure how to do so. I feel i am being treated very unfairly and being taken advantage of. I’m sure i am not the first but can some please help me?

    • Renee says:

      U-Haul has most definitely broken labor laws. I would suggest you file a complaint with your state’s labor relations office and/or unemployment compensation office. AND…always, always document everything…dates, times, who you spoke with and about what and who said what.

  22. Mario Micallef says:

    I rented a trailer and it came off hitting my 2001 chevy blazer making more than 2000.oo dollars in damage and they refuse to do anything about it..were can i find a lawyer that will sue them??

    • UHaul Sucks says:

      Have you tried the local phone book for an attorney? Nevertheless, a low-cost first step would be to send a demand letter to U-Haul for the damages, just as I did. All the steps are detailed on this blog.

  23. Shelby Boughman says:

    I filed a complaint more or less on one specific location, not the U-Haul company itself. I had rented a truck from a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer (Apar) in Ashland, Ohio. I have short-term memory issues so I forgot I had the key in my pocket at drop off and left. The next day when I called the apologize, the manager was very rude to me, lied to me about his rental schedule, and threatened to red flag my account, which he did not do.

  24. Don Bader says:

    I requested a 10 foot truck two weeks in advance, I was given and charged for a 17 foot truck. The tank registered 11/16 when received at Courtenay, BC, the fuel gauge registered 1/2 when I got to Boise, ID; when I fueled the truck the gauge did not move, therefore I filled the tank before returning the truck in Boise. The company would not reimburse me for the excess gasoline or for the excess charge for not giving me a truck larger than I requested. I requested the truck in time for the agent in Courtenay to get me the size I wanted, I feel U-Haul should reimburse me for their over sites. I am not requesting reimbursement for the excess fuel the larger truck used or the added trouble a longer truck caused especially driving through Seattle.

  25. Misty M says:

    My company usually uses Penske, but they did not have a dolly to tow my brand new SUV. I contacted Uhaul corporate accounts to set up an account for our company. Nothing was done right so it wasn’t ready in time to use the account. I had reserved a 24ft truck, a dolly and a 12ft trailer. When I picked them up we had a discussion about the insurance, we thought the dolly would be covered under the 24ft truck. I only ended up getting Uhauls insurance on the 24ft truck and the trailer. I was going 300 miles. At 290 miles I was driving behind the truck towing my SUV and the dolly came apart. I literally saw it fall apart, the rear wheel taillight and wheel well came off and hit my windshield. It flew off and nearly caused a pileup on the interstate. Our little caravan stopped and we assessed the damage. The car being towed had a dent and the car I was driving had a cracked windshield. I called Uhaul roadside assistance. The assembly had taken some important parts with it when it came apart and the ramps were now dragging. We went back and forth with Uhaul about if I wanted to risk my life and continue using it. I refused. They argued with me. I got sick of being on the road. I pulled my car off and loaded the dolly up on a flatbed and got it the last 10 miles. Uhaul decided they would pick it up the next day. Fine. I returned the truck and trailer. The guy at the rental place I returned them to told me they needed to be washed before I returned them or I would be charged. Mind you I am in a tiny town in Iowa in January and the roads are pure slush and mud. I asked where the nearest car wash is. He told me 30 miles away. How would it make it back staying clean? He showed me the fine print but he did not charge me. He told me that Uhaul would never agree to pick anything up, they didn’t care how much of a hazard it is, it should be dragged in. He ended up picking it up the next day, he decided the bolts vibrated out. He said it happens. I called Uhaul and got transferred around and around, finally got someone who had me repeat my story twice and read it back to me. I had to call and call to see what was going on. My credit card was then charged for “dolly repairs” and the pickup. I called and got attitude every time, Julie in Des Moines told me at one point that the place I rented it (Coon Rapids, Mn) made the decisions on charging me, they told her it had gotten an exhaustive check in the shop and there was nothing they would do for me, the bolts would never come out on their own unless they had been purposely loosened. I called the place I rented it from and told her what she said. They laughed and said Des Moines made the decisions, she had called and asked If I took the trailer insurance and they saw it hooked up. They said no to the insurance and yes they saw it hooked up. I asked if they really thoroughly checked it out in the shop and they said no, I asked if bolts come out, they said stuff happens. I called Julie back (my friend is also calling her and she ducks both of us quite a bit) and got another girl there who had a weird conversation with me. She said she faxed me a copy of everything that I was charged so she didn’t see a problem. I told her I didn’t say I didn’t get the fax, I was just disputing what I was actually charged by them. She kept repeating that I shouldn’t have an issue, she sent a fax with the charges. Finally I got Julie, I told her what Coon Rapids said and she said SHE COULD GUARANTEE BOLTS WOULD NEVER COME OUT ON THEIR OWN. I asked to see that in writing, she refused of course. I asked if she was saying I purposely removed the bolts myself, she said I must have, they don’t just come out on their own. She gave me the info to file a claim with their insurance company, she is done with it. I got a copy of the report and it said we said that we had been in an accident and the SUV came loose in traffic because we didn’t hook it up right. What the heck, the report I dictated twice and had read back to me, says that? I of course called 5 Uhaul places and told them I wanted to rent a dolly to drive across country and I wanted it guaranteed that it would not come apart, nothing would come loose and to see it go through the 100 point inspection I had heard about from the Des Moines office, when they quit laughing at me they told me things happen, but they always take care of equipment failure. If this is how Uhaul woos a possible corporate account, I’d hate to see how they treat the average customer. So I paid for a dolly that never made it to my destination, paid for the tow to get the broken dolly picked up, paid for the dolly coming apart and damaged two cars in the process. I could file with my car insurance, but after the deductible and my insurance going up it isn’t worth it. I think those guys know that and just stick it to you. It is rather unfortunate for them that I am the internet marketing consultant for my company and have too much free time on my hands.

    • Reyne says:

      You Go Girl! I am proud of you, Misty, for speaking your mind! I also think you should contact an attorney to ensure your damages are paid/reimbursed by U-Haul. So how about this…Only yesterday my husband to be rented a 20′ U-Haul truck from the U-Haul in Kingston, PA. The truck was confirmed via the Mundy Street, Wilkes-Barre PA U-Haul (They actually have excellent service at this particular facility.). Long story short, he also called the Kingston facility and spoke with the woman manager there who confirmed that Yes, they did have a 20′ truck and he could pick it up around 5:30pm. Now in the meantime, he had 4 men waiting at a nearby town to help load the truck with another two men accompanying him while he was picking up the truck–all men were on the clock and being paid. He arrived at the Kingston, PA U-Haul where he met the woman manager and another male worker. Both were rude and unprofessional from start to finish. First, while having a personal conversation, they allowed him to stand and “wait” for 15+ minutes (Men on the clock, mind you!). When they finally did get around to speaking with him, the manager said she had no 20′ truck… this is “after” she told him on the phone not more than an hour prior that she did, in fact, have a 20′ truck. The the other U-Haul employee spoke up and said ohhh, we have a 17′, no, we have a 14′ … ohhh, no we don’t have any trucks…we only have one-way trucks and we can’t rent those out?!? WHAT? Can you tell me what is the sense of having rental trucks if you don’t intend to rent them out? A parking lot full of trucks and they can’t be rented unless you’re only doing a one-way trip? Talk about poor business management. Now, mind you, in the meantime, my HTB is a long-time repeat customer of U-Haul…the woman manager now says to him, “Where are you going with the truck?” I need to know where you are going before I can do anything. He tells her he is going to Pittston (a nearby town) and return the truck tomorrow. She gets ornery and tells him she needs the “exact address” or she cannot rent him a truck. (You know the truck they don’t have and the one-way trucks they cannot rent out?!?) He tells doesn’t have an exact address on him and that in all the years he’s been renting from U-Haul, he has never had to give an exact address of where he intends to go as a requirement for renting a truck. The manager snickers while typing into the computer and says “Oh here it is! I found it!” My HTB says… “How could you find it when I don’t even know it!” In the meantime my HTB’s 2 workers are watching and listening and looking at each other like “What planet is this woman from?” Now that at least 45 minutes have gone by (times our workers pay for “waiting” up to this point) the woman manager continues snickering and acting extremely unprofessional. My HTB says to her “What are you an idiot!” … In turn, she tells him she thinks he should go rent a truck elsewhere! Well, I guess so… we certainly can’t rent a U-Haul truck by dealing with this IDIOT! Story continues…my husband goes back to the Mundy Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA location to inform them of what had just occurred. The “Professional People” at this location reaffirmed that they had, in fact, reserved a 20′ truck for him to be picked up at the Kingston location. It seems the “Professional Employees” at U-Haul are well aware of the IDIOT running this other facility. I really think U-Haul Corporate should be informed of these issues! “Thanks for listening, Misty!” I wish you the best of luck with resolving your issue!

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