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My Horrible U-Haul Story
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Filing a U-Haul Complaint
make a claim and collect some money.

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Uhaul-Sucks Blog
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Filing a UHaul Complaint (tell your story, collect some money)

My HORRIBLE U-HAUL STORY is essentially the exact content of a demand letter dated 10/3/03, which I sent to:


I demanded that U-HAUL reimburse me for my out-of-pocket expenses (with attached receipts) and an additional $5000 to compensate me for my pain and suffering. Additionally, I sent a letter to my credit card company protesting the charge for the U-HAUL RENTAL which was eventually refunded.

Within a week, I received a letter from a claim representative of REPUBLIC WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY, insurer for U-HAUL. After about two months of phone tag with the representative, I delivered my story over the phone and waited for an offer to roll in. The U-HAUL insurer paid my out-of-pocket expenses very quickly, and even offered to pay for any doctor visits I may need to make in connection with the U-HAUL TRUCK BREAKDOWN.

Around January of 2004, I received a written offer of $1000 to settle my claim against U-Haul. I sat on the offer for about a month, and in February of 2004, I accepted the offer.

As of late March, 2004 I have received a response to my acceptance of the settlement offer made to me by U-HAUL'S insurer. I have signed a standard release in order to secure my settlement. Unfortunately, I am not able to disclose the terms of the settlement.

On or about 3/29/04, I received my settlement check from U-Haul in reference to my claim against them for their horrible treatment of me when their truck broke down and almost caused my death. See below.

U-Haul Claim Settlement Check. Woohoo!! U-Haul Sucks.