Ruling struck at “Just Say Yes” reservations policy in CA.

From the L.A. Times (6/25/07):

Ruling struck at reservations policy.
U-Haul agents are told to accept all reservations, even if they don’t know if equipment will be available.

U-Haul customers who have seethed over botched reservations were vindicated last year when a California judge ruled that the company had engaged in “unlawful and fraudulent business practices.”

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  1. I rented a truck from the U Haul office on Arapahoe st. in Los Angeles, California on 6/13/2011 to do some recycling. I drove 50 miles and returned the truck the same day. U Haul charged me for 64 Miles. I appealed to the manager of the office but she refused to accomodate me. I am in the process of taking legal action and would like to hear from others who have been overcharged for mileage that you didnot actually drive. It is possible that we can legally force U Haul to return the overcharges to us.

    You may contact Lee Jenkins at Please leave your email and I will contact you with the details, preference you message with the words U Haul Sucks.

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