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Welcome to the new and improved Uhaul-Sucks.com. The old site operated from 2/14/04 until 8/24/08 and received 80,939 hits during that time.  I hope you are happy with the new interface.

This site is dedicated to exposing the truth about the outrageous and dangerous conduct of one of the largest truck rental outfits around. I started this site after a horrible moving experience I had trying to use a U-HAUL truck to move from Vermont to New Jersey in the fall of 2003.

Subsequent to my horror story, I discovered that I am not alone; U-Haul does this to many people all over the country every single day.  Just do a web search for “U-Haul Sucks” and you will find endless pages all describing similar stories.  Also, visit the U-Haul Sucks blog.

If you found this site because you recently had a bad experience with a U-Haul truck or trailer, then here is some information that may help you:

U-Haul was founded by, and is currently managed by the Shoen family.  The Shoen’s are completely dysfunctional, as is the entire U-Haul organization.  U-Haul is operated by AMERCO.

Did you make a “reservation” with U-Haul only to find that they didn’t have your truck or trailer waiting when you arrived?  This is probably the most common complaint with U-Haul.  All I can say is that the term “reservation” should be used loosely when dealing with U-Haul.  They do not actually have reservations, they just lie to you.

Did you rent a U-Haul truck or trailer that was in poor condition, and/or it broke down on the road, or worse, did your U-Haul rental cause an accident?  This is the second most common U-Haul complaint.  U-Haul is usually the least expensive option for do-it-yourself moving because their trucks and trailers are poorly maintained.

In fact, DO NOT EVER RENT A U-HAUL TRUCK/TRAILER FOR A ONE-WAY RENTAL.  The one-way rentals are the most poorly maintained.  This is because the dealer that rents the item to you is likely never to see that rental item ever again.  Why would a dealer invest any money in a truck that winds up at someone else’s U-Haul somewhere else in the country?  All dealers are independent entities, and there’s no reimbursement for repairs to a vehicle they send on a one-way trip.  This makes for a very dangerous rental situation.  The only one who loses out in this scenario is YOU.

See what happened to me one day . . .

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