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5 Responses to “USER AGREEMENT”

  1. scott jones says:

    I rented a 14 foot uhaul on 6-4-2015.It had serious mechanical problems mainly with the front end alignment and front kept pulling severely to the shoulder of the interstate.I almost flipped the uhaul several times and was scared to death.I ended up in a hospital

  2. Rudy Rincon says:

    I rented out a U-Haul 14 footer truck in San Antonio to move stuff to Houston on Saturday, August 30, 2014 (contract # 27088756). Along with the truck I also rented out a $10/day dolly. The problem was in Houston at the dropping location called “The Car Wash” in 4525 Old Spanish Trail. I got there around 8PM when the office was closed. Before that my wife called them to let them know about the late dropping time but they never mentioned that we needed to secure the latch with a lock to avoid someone opening the door and stealing the dolly, which is what allegedly happened to me. They called me on Tuesday, September 2 because yesterday was Labor Day to let me know that the dolly was not there. They immediately charged my credit card with $64.95 to replace the dolly. The guy who called me didn’t even care when I told him that my wife and daughter saw when I put the dolly inside the box of the truck. I then called U-haul customer service at 1-800-789-3638 to file a complaint but the lady who took my information seemed totally un-sympathetic to my distress and frustration… I am trying to be non-judgmental but I guess they are used to getting these types of reports so they just hear you out and document your problem. I told them to record my phone call and to flag that dropping site to review future complaints like this. It is not fair for future customers to have places so unsecure like this one and to pay the fee for their lack of I am not sure if someone in the neighborhood is just waiting for the right moment to strike or if the employees are the ones stealing the dollies. Whatever the reason, rest assured that U-haul just lost a customer.

  3. I had the most unfortunate experience with U-Haul and would never recommend them nor would I ever use them again. I rented a storage locker a 5×10 in December of 2012. I was never told that you pay $10 extra for access afterhours as I was working 6 days a week at the time and never used the card, I was told and have witnesses to the employee at the Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, Pa location said “This is to use after hours” which made sense. I was also told the locker would cost a specific amount and here on their website apparently I was being for lack of a better word screwed the entire time. I asked from January to June 2013 each time I was harassed 4-6 times daily via my cell phone and at the time my place of business why my storage unit cost so much as the times just did not add it. I would ask the representative calling me as each shift they seem to have employees consisting harassing you days before the storage is due and each and every day after why the amount was so high and no one was ever forthcoming with me. I personally went in to the facility as Mr. Tony Lopez, the store location’s manager could not return one of my calls I pleaded for since January to June. The assistant manager remembered me going into the location months previously begging and again pleading to NOT CALL MY PLACE OF BUSINESS as due to the nature of my business, the mental health field, this was disruptive as well as harassment and I had been warned I would be fired due to excessive personal calls id they not cease calling as I was not the only person who used the office and that specific extension. I was told there were notes in the system that apparently were over looked as even after I was “let go” in May 2013 they continued to call that number! I will give credit where credit is due, Mr. Jerome Long, the assistant manager was sympathetic, apologetic and sincerely apologized as he even told me there were notes not to call the work number although not one employee must have read them! When UHAUL causes an individual to lose their livelihood there is more than a problem! It is a storage unit, not a life threatening event and quite honestly I have to address more issues and make more calls to UHAUL than to my own mother! I called upon being let go from my work and received the unfortunate news I had been lied to as the card I never used was costing me $10 a month, NEWS TO ME! Also, I looked up my unit on the UHAUL website and they advertise the same unit at a much lesser rate, as if they could add more insult to injury!!! Then I had the worst and degrading, borderline dehumanizing experience of speaking to a Ms. Christina Womer who apparently is in the wrong field as she lacks any people skills, is arrogant in nature and spoke to me like I was a 2 year old when I am a highly educated woman. She made no apology and said these were courtesy calls to remind me of the outstanding bill…as if I did not know but like I told her at the time I worked 6 days a week, I kept repeatedly asking for the manager to call me to address the discrepancy in the billing and why it was costing so much when in this area a storage unit of this size is half the cost. I thought it would be convenient as I had used one of their trucks and their $19.99 motto is a joke as it cost me $100 and it was a relatively short length the truck was driven plus I put more gasoline in it than it had. I informed Ms. Womer excessive calls on 3 different numbers, especially a work phone number I had repeatedly warned employees not to call as my job was on the line is NOT A CURTOSY, IT IS IN FACT HARASSMENT! LOSING YOUR OCCUPATION OVER A STORAGE UNIT IS FAR FROM COURTEOUS! AND IT COULD HAVE AND SHOULLD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED MONTHS PRIOR WHEN I ADDRESSED THE MATTER AND WARNED THEM! THE 3 DAY GRACE PERIOD THEY TEEL YOU IN PERSON IS NOT TRUE, THEY NAIL YOU FOR $15 DOLLARS AFTER THE 1ST AND JUST LAST NIGHT I LEARNED THEY NAIL YOU AGAIN THE 15TH OF THE MONTH AND NO THEY DO NOT PRO RATE, WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT PRO RATE? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME, LIKE ME WHEN I WANTED TO RETRIEVE MY BELONGINGS I WAS EXPECTED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT ONLY SO THEY COULD RE RENT IT AND LIE AND DECIEVE ANOHTER INDIVIDUAL? THIS CORPORATION IS A JOKE AND NOW I SEE WHY THEY HAVE SO MANY COMPLAINTS AND I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU HAS NOT SEEN EVERY NEGATIVE REVIEW AND HOW THEY ESSENTIALLY ROB HARD WORKING PEOPLE WHEN I IN FACT KNOW WHAT THEIR CORPORATE EXECUTIVES EARN! HOW DARE YOU NOT ONLY PUT PEOPLE’S JOBS IN JEOPARDY BUT YOU CAUSE SOMEONE PAYING YOU HARD EARNED MONEY TO LOSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD! I AM ON A PERSONAL MISSION TO SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT AND IF THEY CONSIDER IT HARASSMENT OR COMMON COURTESY WHEN I CALL THEIR JOB 3 TIMES IN A ROW WITHIN A 30 MINTUTE TIME SPAN! THEY STILL CALL MY PREVIOUS WORK TO THE POINT THEY HAD TO TELL SOMEONE WHO HUNG UP ON THEM THE FIRST TIME, A MAN BY THE NAME OF CHARLES, THE SECOND TIME I WAS LET GO DUE TO THEIR CALLS! I AM WRITING THIS AS MS WOMER, A SAD EXCUSE FOR A REGIONAL MANNER CONDONED THIS BEHAVIOR AND SAID THERE WOULD BE NO COMPENSION….MR LOPEZ STILL HAS NOT CALLED ME, HE HAD SOMEONE CALL “ON BEHALF OF MR LOPEZ” AS THOUGH HE COULD BE BOTHERED WITH THE CONCERNS AND RAMIFICATIONS HIS EMPLOYEES WHO CAN’T READ IMPORTANT NOTES BUT COULD HAVE TIME TO HARASS PEOPLE ALL THE TIME TO THE POINT OF TERMINATION ONLY TO TELL ME AGAIN “THERE WILL BE NO COMPENSATION BUT WE WILL TAKE OFF THE $10 A MONTH” I ALREADY WHEN I FILED NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS AND FOUND OUT AFTER WAY TOO MANY MONTHS OF BEING RIPPED OFF HAD THAT DROPPED SO OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE INEPT AND OBLIVIOUS TO CORPORATE! I HAVE HAD SYMPATHETIC INDIVIDUALS AT CORPORATE AND THERE ARE TIMES I HAVE CRIED AND YES I AM ANGRY AS THERE IS NO REASON SOMETHING LIKE THIS SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. MR JEROME LONG SHOULD MANAGE THAT FACILITY, AS HE IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO LISTENED TO ME, THE ONLY PERSON THAT REMEMBERED ME COMING IN AND PLEADING TO NOT CALL MY WORK AS THEY HAD WARNED ME THEY COULD NOT CONTINUE TO HAVE THE EXCESSIVE CALLS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS AND I HAVE UHAUL TO BLAME FOR THIS. I DID CALL THE MARKETING MANAGER THIS MORNING AS GEE, THEY NOW WANT ME TO PAY OVER 120-140 DOLLARS WHEN ALL I HAVE WANTED TO DO IS COLLECT MY BELONGINGS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH BUT NOT EVEN 5 DAYS PAST THE “GRACE PERIOD” THERE WAS A SECONDARY LOCK ON IT! IF I DO NOT GET RESOLUTION I WILL HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO CALL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE IN BOTH ARIZONA AND NEVADA AS THESE PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUSLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND SHADY UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE WHO JUST DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AND THEIR UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES AND RUINING OTHER’S LIFE TO MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY AND NOT LISTEN TO A SINGLE COMPLAINT OR BE ABLE TO RESOLVE ONE SINGLE THING! I AM AT A LOSS OF WORDS AS TO HOW A STORAGE UNIT COST ME MY JOB AND WITH THE DOMINO EFFECT, MY ABILITY TO PAY THEM, THE ABILITY TO INSURE MY CAR I OWN OUTRIGHT AND BARELY MAKE ENDS MEET AS MY BOYFRIEND HAS LIMITED INCOME TO TAKE CARE OF HIS AND MY BILLS! I WISH I HAD NEVER DONE BUSINESS WITH UHAUL AS I HAD NO ISSUES AT MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT UNTIL THEY WOULD NOT LET UP AND LISTEN! GET OUT BEFORE THIS HAPPENS TO YOU AS THEY ARE RELENTLESS!

  4. Wayne Roche says:

    Reserved a u haul for 3:00 P.M. today. They gave it away and directed me a u haul that closes at 1:00. How can anyone be that incompetent. I have people waiting to help us move. They just don’t care.

  5. lee olby says:

    Uhaul is the worst company ever! They left me and my two children stranded for 2 days with a truck that was blowing oil all over underneath the bottom side of the engine, the cost for us to stay in a motel was 180.00 at our expense! The truck used a half tank of gas in 45 miles……. 70.00 more! I spent 89 phone calls trying to get the uhaul morons to reimurse me and get us off the side of the road! They decided the truck was fine to drive because it didn’t throw a computer code!!!! excuse me but how many times have we all took our cars to the shop with something wrong and the “computer” didn’t show a code either but the car still wasn’t running right!!!! In October 2010 I used Uhaul and had to drive 4 hours out of my way at my expense to pick up the truck and trailer because they did not have one for me and my reservations had been in the system for 6 months!!!! there is another 250.00, this time in May 2011 after having my reservation in since March 2011 Uhaul of Nebraska would NOT honor my reservation quote that was given to me by North Dakota!!!! Nebraska charged me 200.00 more!!!!! They do this because Penske and Budget are only located in major cities in the area we are in, nobody can afford to drive to Denver or Sioux Falls to pick up a truck with gas prices so they have the customer over a barrel cuz Uhaul is in almost all small towns now…. Uhaul needs to be shut down, they are the most crooked company I have ever seen! I filed a complaint with the Nebraska Atty General and Uhaul still did NOTHING to reimburse us!!!! They owe me 1100.00 in expenses and 1000.00 for the mental anguish we suffered, do you know how scarey it is for two children and a woman to be broke down on the side of the road alone with a 26 ft uhaul and nobody to help them!!!!! please email me as to how to go about getting my money back and getting this company to wake up or get sent out of business for good!!!!

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