Filing a U-Haul Complaint

My HORRIBLE U-HAUL STORY is essentially the exact content of a demand letter dated 10/3/03, which I sent to:


I demanded that U-HAUL reimburse me for my out-of-pocket expenses (with attached receipts) and an additional $5000 to compensate me for my pain and suffering. Additionally, I sent a letter to my credit card company protesting the charge for the U-HAUL RENTAL which was eventually refunded.

Within a week, I received a letter from a claim representative of REPUBLIC WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY, insurer for U-HAUL. After about two months of phone tag with the representative, I delivered my story over the phone and waited for an offer to roll in. The U-HAUL insurer paid my out-of-pocket expenses very quickly, and even offered to pay for any doctor visits I may need to make in connection with the U-HAUL TRUCK BREAKDOWN.

Around January of 2004, I received a written offer of $1000 to settle my claim against U-HAUL. I sat on the offer for about a month, and in February of 2004, I accepted the offer.

As of late March, 2004 I have received a response to my acceptance of the settlement offer made to me by U-HAUL’S insurer. I have signed a standard release in order to secure my settlement. Unfortunately, I am not able to disclose the terms of the settlement.

On or about 3/29/04, I received my settlement check from U-HAUL in reference to my claim against them for their horrible treatment of me when their truck broke down and almost caused my death. See below.

U-Haul claim settlement check.  Woohoo!!  U-Haul Sucks.

U-Haul claim settlement check.

Have you filed a complaint against U-Haul?  Tell us about it below, or send us an email.

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  1. Tom says:

    I read some of the comments that others had left and figured no way could happen to me, but boy was I wrong! Short story of a bad experience. First I reserved a trailer at a local gas station 3 weeks in advance of my needed date. On the day before the pick up, I considered getting a larger trailer and logged into my Uhaul confirmation page. Turns out the local gas station was no longer linked to UHaul. Was never notified and when I called to get a new location, I was promised a call back in 1/2 hour from a rep in their traffic department. They of course never called me. So I found another trailer on my own and reserved it for the next day. 6 hours later I got a call telling me the trailer had been rented to someone else because my order was not entered quick enough into the reservation system. It is now 15 hours before I need to pick it up and I am back to square 1. So I call the local traffic guys back and complain. They send me a $50 voucher for my troubles and locate another trailer. I use the trailer and return it and submit the $50 voucher for the $15 rental. Voucher is not applied and I am disputing the charge on my credit card. 3 strikes and you are out Mr U Haul!

  2. Victoria Mccall says:

    From: McCall, Victoria E SBYVAMC

    Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 9:00 AM

    Cc: McCall, Victoria E SBYVAMC

    Subject: Complaint at your facility on Ashley Rd in Charlotte N.C.

    I would like to report several complaints on one of your facilities, My friend and I arrived at your facility on Ashley Rd in Charlotte N.C., at that time we rented a storage space, which held a Coach, Loveseat, Recliner, Lamps, and an area rug, we had to sign a contract and we were given a swipe key and we also were given a lock for his storage, at the time the young man was giving us the paperwork I asked him about the security of your facility he told me that it was secured and that the facility was monitored, he never mentioned only the entrance doors are truly monitored, and he then pointed up at the security screen that was in the office attached to the wall, feeling assured that my friend’s things were secure and protected we accepted the contract and the swipe key, we drove around to the back to unload his things we were given storage space I believe #1209, we arrived at the storage door and realize that storage space had been taken, we went back up to the front and spoke to the young man who had just assigned us that particular unit, at that time he looked on the computer and assigned us storage unit #1098, at that time we questioned his competency, how could you assign a unit that was already occupied and not be aware of this, at that time I became hesitant but still we decided to stay with your company, we already had all his belongings off the truck and ready to be loaded, please keep in mind my friend is a “DISABLED VETERAN” so he was paying two people to help move, because he is unable to load and unload and they were charging by the hour, the young man walked back to the storage area while we waited up front, he came back and told us he was assigning another unit and for us not to worry he was going to complete all the paperwork, on the new unit. On 6-8-2012 I received a call from someone at U haul stating that my friend’s storage unit was locked in the open position, at that time I let him know that my friend was out of town and I did not have access, the young man stated they wanted him to come check to see “IF any of his items were stolen.” My friend arrived back in town Sunday morning 6-10-2012 and we went straight to the storage facility, we went to his unit unlocked the door and everything he owned in his life was stolen. I have several issues that have come to mind about your facility……

    1. Why were we told the facility was monitored, it was only told to else at the time his stuff was stolen that ONLY THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO THE STORAGE UNITS ARE TRULY MONITORED……

    2. I asked if we could see the security tape…..we were denied that also, your employee stated he “DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GO THROUGH MONTHS AND MONTHS OF TAPE”……I beg his pardon since my Friend’s things were only in storage for about three weeks.

    3. We weren’t shown any type of respect, in fact the attitude your staff displayed was the “Whatever you lost out” and this was said by one of your employees whose name I believe is Corey, though I’m not sure, but the lack of respect and the traffic that goes through that place is absurd.

    4. We will be going to Action 9 with this complaint.

    5. If the storage was locked in the open position as your employee stated….then please explain what is the proper protocol when someone is unable to arrive at the time…..their thing’s aren’t secured until their able to arrive.

    6. Why weren’t we contacted before three weeks.

    I would hope that you would find another security measure for your company and more professional staff, like I stated earlier in this letter my friend is a DISABLED VETERAN who has been to war and fought for his country, and to be treated the way your company has treated him is appalling, he has nothing now. We know that unit was locked we all checked and double checked it

  3. Chyna says:

    I reserved a U-haul April 11 2011 from London Ontario I was given a confirmation number everything was good! On June 27 U-haul in Hamilton Ontario calls me to tell me they don’t have a U-Haul for me in London Ontario I must go pick one up In Melbourne 38km away June 29 my moving date! I’m ticked off why reserve 2 months in advance with a confirmation #?

  4. Priscilla says:

    Here’s my story, I started working there in Sept. of ’10…
    On March 10th of this year. I went to work, at U-haul, I was a custodian in the storage place, which by the way in the winter time is freezing, when its supposed to be heated & customers pay like 10 dollars extra for that, anyways, So I do the usually routine cleaning as usual. The storage manager calls me down to the Center 2hrs early to start cleaning. ok so I go down no questions asked. Then she calls me into the general managers office. & fires me! I was never given a verbal warning about my performance, written warning, not even pulled to the side to be corrected about anything. never. I asked why I am being fired and she made up some bs excuse about something I even asked a specific date and she couldnt remember. she said ” well im not sure exactly when it was but yea…” wtf is that?! they are so UNPROFESSIONAL!!! the week before I had gotten fired I was only scheduled for two days with 12 hrs total for the week. so when I came in I asked my managers what was going on? are they going to fire me or what?… Their responses were ” NO, we like you, we like the way you work and have never had any problems with you, there must have been a mix up in the schedule or something but we apologize”
    so how did we have that conversation one week, the next they fired me with really no excuse. plus I didnt sign any paper they had me escorted out like I was a criminal. I took that to the president Brandon something idk his last name but we had a meeting & They offered me a position again, making collection calls and answering the phone. ok SO now this whole week of April 3rd to April 9th they have not given me any hours. literally I am still “employed by these idiots with 0rhs same for next week. That’s two weeks with 0hrs. they wont call me back. i leave messages and no one ever calls back… & they wont fire me. so Does Anyone Have any advice for me? I would want to file a complaint but not sure how to do so. I feel i am being treated very unfairly and being taken advantage of. I’m sure i am not the first but can some please help me?

  5. Mario Micallef says:

    I rented a trailer and it came off hitting my 2001 chevy blazer making more than 2000.oo dollars in damage and they refuse to do anything about it..were can i find a lawyer that will sue them??

    • UHaul Sucks says:

      Have you tried the local phone book for an attorney? Nevertheless, a low-cost first step would be to send a demand letter to U-Haul for the damages, just as I did. All the steps are detailed on this blog.

  6. Shelby Boughman says:

    I filed a complaint more or less on one specific location, not the U-Haul company itself. I had rented a truck from a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer (Apar) in Ashland, Ohio. I have short-term memory issues so I forgot I had the key in my pocket at drop off and left. The next day when I called the apologize, the manager was very rude to me, lied to me about his rental schedule, and threatened to red flag my account, which he did not do.

  7. Don Bader says:

    I requested a 10 foot truck two weeks in advance, I was given and charged for a 17 foot truck. The tank registered 11/16 when received at Courtenay, BC, the fuel gauge registered 1/2 when I got to Boise, ID; when I fueled the truck the gauge did not move, therefore I filled the tank before returning the truck in Boise. The company would not reimburse me for the excess gasoline or for the excess charge for not giving me a truck larger than I requested. I requested the truck in time for the agent in Courtenay to get me the size I wanted, I feel U-Haul should reimburse me for their over sites. I am not requesting reimbursement for the excess fuel the larger truck used or the added trouble a longer truck caused especially driving through Seattle.

  8. Misty M says:

    My company usually uses Penske, but they did not have a dolly to tow my brand new SUV. I contacted Uhaul corporate accounts to set up an account for our company. Nothing was done right so it wasn’t ready in time to use the account. I had reserved a 24ft truck, a dolly and a 12ft trailer. When I picked them up we had a discussion about the insurance, we thought the dolly would be covered under the 24ft truck. I only ended up getting Uhauls insurance on the 24ft truck and the trailer. I was going 300 miles. At 290 miles I was driving behind the truck towing my SUV and the dolly came apart. I literally saw it fall apart, the rear wheel taillight and wheel well came off and hit my windshield. It flew off and nearly caused a pileup on the interstate. Our little caravan stopped and we assessed the damage. The car being towed had a dent and the car I was driving had a cracked windshield. I called Uhaul roadside assistance. The assembly had taken some important parts with it when it came apart and the ramps were now dragging. We went back and forth with Uhaul about if I wanted to risk my life and continue using it. I refused. They argued with me. I got sick of being on the road. I pulled my car off and loaded the dolly up on a flatbed and got it the last 10 miles. Uhaul decided they would pick it up the next day. Fine. I returned the truck and trailer. The guy at the rental place I returned them to told me they needed to be washed before I returned them or I would be charged. Mind you I am in a tiny town in Iowa in January and the roads are pure slush and mud. I asked where the nearest car wash is. He told me 30 miles away. How would it make it back staying clean? He showed me the fine print but he did not charge me. He told me that Uhaul would never agree to pick anything up, they didn’t care how much of a hazard it is, it should be dragged in. He ended up picking it up the next day, he decided the bolts vibrated out. He said it happens. I called Uhaul and got transferred around and around, finally got someone who had me repeat my story twice and read it back to me. I had to call and call to see what was going on. My credit card was then charged for “dolly repairs” and the pickup. I called and got attitude every time, Julie in Des Moines told me at one point that the place I rented it (Coon Rapids, Mn) made the decisions on charging me, they told her it had gotten an exhaustive check in the shop and there was nothing they would do for me, the bolts would never come out on their own unless they had been purposely loosened. I called the place I rented it from and told her what she said. They laughed and said Des Moines made the decisions, she had called and asked If I took the trailer insurance and they saw it hooked up. They said no to the insurance and yes they saw it hooked up. I asked if they really thoroughly checked it out in the shop and they said no, I asked if bolts come out, they said stuff happens. I called Julie back (my friend is also calling her and she ducks both of us quite a bit) and got another girl there who had a weird conversation with me. She said she faxed me a copy of everything that I was charged so she didn’t see a problem. I told her I didn’t say I didn’t get the fax, I was just disputing what I was actually charged by them. She kept repeating that I shouldn’t have an issue, she sent a fax with the charges. Finally I got Julie, I told her what Coon Rapids said and she said SHE COULD GUARANTEE BOLTS WOULD NEVER COME OUT ON THEIR OWN. I asked to see that in writing, she refused of course. I asked if she was saying I purposely removed the bolts myself, she said I must have, they don’t just come out on their own. She gave me the info to file a claim with their insurance company, she is done with it. I got a copy of the report and it said we said that we had been in an accident and the SUV came loose in traffic because we didn’t hook it up right. What the heck, the report I dictated twice and had read back to me, says that? I of course called 5 Uhaul places and told them I wanted to rent a dolly to drive across country and I wanted it guaranteed that it would not come apart, nothing would come loose and to see it go through the 100 point inspection I had heard about from the Des Moines office, when they quit laughing at me they told me things happen, but they always take care of equipment failure. If this is how Uhaul woos a possible corporate account, I’d hate to see how they treat the average customer. So I paid for a dolly that never made it to my destination, paid for the tow to get the broken dolly picked up, paid for the dolly coming apart and damaged two cars in the process. I could file with my car insurance, but after the deductible and my insurance going up it isn’t worth it. I think those guys know that and just stick it to you. It is rather unfortunate for them that I am the internet marketing consultant for my company and have too much free time on my hands.

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